Monthly Archives: October 2014

Truth telling

I’ve been wondering lately about how open we should be with our children. This came after a few particular incidents when I found myself having to make a choice about whether, how, and how much to inform my 3 year old. The first was a biggie, separating from each other as she started preschool. The […]


Let’s face it, the first days of parenthood are far from plain sailing. You’re learning how to completely look after another, very important, human being who cannot tell you what they need, while healing from an often arduous physical feat and dealing with the many changes to your daily life that come alongside. Completely at […]


(or threemonthitis…or fivemonthitis) The days of pacing up and down the hallway at witching hour are a distant memory. Your baby has naturally fallen into a fairly consistent pattern of feeding and sleeping. You’re feeling proud that you have learned to spot those early signs of tiredness and the unique cues which mean ‘I’m hungry’, […]

A Step Ahead

In early pregnancy, looking ahead to the months to come and early babyhood, you’d be forgiven for thinking child development follows a perfectly linear path. Stats are the order of the day. Fetal growth is neatly marked on a graph, head circumference and femur length compared on a percentile chart, birth weight seemingly so important […]