Monthly Archives: November 2014

Nurturing the Nurturer

Do me a favour. Go and get yourself a cup of tea and settle down. This one may take a little while. A caveat- this post is based around a therapeutic technique and, as such, you may read it and find yourself feeling upset or troubled, or that it raises memories or feelings that you’re […]

Turning the Tide

We’re in the middle of a sea change in parenting culture. Slowly we’re seeing a growth in child-centred practices and increasing criticism of parent driven, punitive and behavioural parenting techniques (I’m looking at you Supernanny). We know now, or at least there is increasing evidence to suggest, that ignoring unwanted behaviour can leave our children […]

Controlling the Controller

There’s an idea in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that anxiety is caused by misinterpreting a situation as unsafe.  It’s that fight or flight response again, the adrenaline rush that means when we’re faced with a big bear looming out of the woods, we are pumped up ready to either fight it off or run away as fast […]

Who’s capable?

I was musing this morning, when I awoke to the baby’s babbles on one side and my three year old’s foot in my ear on the other, on the idea of being capable. I remember as my eldest got older, increasingly I would hear statements suggesting I needed to push her forward in her progress. […]