Monthly Archives: June 2016


When my eldest was about 6 months old, I called my husband at work and asked if he could be home before bathtime. His colleague, a dad himself, heard us on the phone and said to him:   “The sooner she realises she can’t rely on you, the better for both of you”.   I […]

Nobody Tells You

Nobody tells you It’s the best feeling ever It’s the worst feeling ever Nobody tells you   Nobody tells you Contractions are murder Labour is harder Nobody tells you   Nobody tells you You’ll bleed like a geyser You’ll feed and you’ll feed her Nobody tells you   Nobody tells you Your breasts leak all […]

The New Blue

I’m finding it hard to write this. Partly because it’s very personal. Mainly because, as I write, I have a loud whooshing sound in my ears, zaps of bright light attacking the edges of my vision and a throbbing pressure on my head which gets worse when I move my head, walk, lie down or […]