Who is the Mumologist?

The Mumologist is Dr Emma Svanberg, a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a variety of mental health settings. She completed her training at UCL, London, one of the leading courses in the UK, and has done further training with organisations such as the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, the Anna Freud Centre and the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Her interest in perinatal psychology (psychology throughout the ante- and post-natal periods for both mothers and infants) has led her to do research and clinical work in places as near as Tower Hamlets and as far as Calcutta.

Emma is experienced in a range of psychological therapies and works with women individually or together with their infants, and in group settings. She also works with fathers and couples. Emma frequently advises other professionals on their work with parents and their children.

While Emma has specialised in the perinatal period, she has a wealth of experience helping individuals who are struggling with a number of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, trauma – anything which may be holding you back. She is happy to tell you about other services which you may find beneficial.

Through her work with pregnant women, Emma became interested in supporting women to have more positive birth experiences, and trained as a HypnoBirth practitioner. She offers sessions to pregnant women and couples, usually in your own home, to enable you to have a relaxed and empowering birth.

Emma is passionate about helping women be the mothers they want to be and for infants to have the best possible start in life. She is a member of the Health Professionals Council and the Association of Infant Mental Health.

She is also a mum (of a very wonderful little girl).

The Mumologist is on Facebook and Twitter (@mumologist)


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