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The Stuff of Legend

One of the first things I talk about in my sessions with hypnobirthing couples is the influence of stories. In particular, negative  birth stories. There exists an implicit understanding in our society that birth is just going to be awful. In the West, it’s commonly viewed as a medical procedure for which you need to be in hospital, […]

My Womb Smells Like Pastrami (a poem about birth)

My womb smells like pastrami I know it sounds quite barmy You arrived helped by an army Looking pink as a salami And you smelled like pastrami And because you are from me It makes so much sense, see (Well, they did butcher me)

The Afterbirth

It’s a sad fact but, after the chaos and commotion of birth and the first few days with a newborn, many women are left with regret and grief about the way their baby arrived in the world. It doesn’t matter how you gave birth, there are many and varied factors that might leave you feeling […]

Unleashing the Lioness

I think you can guess from this blog that I’m a bit of an analyser. I enjoy thinking things through, sometimes I chew things over long after they are fully dissected, and I get great satisfaction from finding a thread in the great big messy spaghe…

The Perfect Birth

Before I write about birth itself, and the rather amazing way your body works to help your baby out into the world, I wanted to say a few things about the pressure that now exists around birth. It can be hard to remember that birth is just an act,…