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My Womb Smells Like Pastrami (a poem about birth)

My womb smells like pastrami I know it sounds quite barmy You arrived helped by an army Looking pink as a salami And you smelled like pastrami And because you are from me It makes so much sense, see (Well, they did butcher me) Advertisements


There’s washing to be done And still you feed on There’s dinner to be made But you want to be swayed There’s telly to see You won’t let go of me There are sisters to call You curl up in a ball There are parents to Skype You grouch and you gripe Th…

Let Myself Love

I hold your sleeping body Cocooned in the crook of my arm Examine your crinkly lids Alien feet Rosebud lips “Why don’t you put her down dear? Get some rest yourself?’ But, for now, I’m going to let myself love you I rock your tense, taut body Cont…