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The Stuff of Legend

One of the first things I talk about in my sessions with hypnobirthing couples is the influence of stories. In particular, negative  birth stories. There exists an implicit understanding in our society that birth is just going to be awful. In the West, it’s commonly viewed as a medical procedure for which you need to be in hospital, […]


When my eldest was about 6 months old, I called my husband at work and asked if he could be home before bathtime. His colleague, a dad himself, heard us on the phone and said to him:   “The sooner she realises she can’t rely on you, the better for both of you”.   I […]

In It Together

We exist in a society where women are often presented in extreme contrasts – the Madonna vs whore, high-heeled boardroom dragon vs bedraggled hippy mum, pumped up Jordan vs minimalist Posh. As you begin to get your head around your changing shape,…