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All I Want for Christmas is….Me

When I was growing up, our Christmas tradition (on Christmas Eve thanks to my Swedish dad) was to sit down with Glogg and cinnamon buns and take it in turns to unwrap our gifts, carefully and with some thought and discussion about each one. Like I said, my dad is Swedish. Last night, in a […]

Mum World – Part One

Despite the fact that you are now pretty much ready to pop, that there are little elbows and knees tickling (make that breaking) your ribs, and you’ve even got a pile of nappies ready to be filled, you might be wondering how you’re ever going to b…

The Thin Blue Line

At what point do you become a mum? When you meet your baby for the first time, or 9 months before that when you feel a little stirring in your tummy and think “Could I be pregnant? Or was it just wind….” Those first few days after conception, as…