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The New Blue

I’m finding it hard to write this. Partly because it’s very personal. Mainly because, as I write, I have a loud whooshing sound in my ears, zaps of bright light attacking the edges of my vision and a throbbing pressure on my head which gets worse when I move my head, walk, lie down or […]

Sorry not sorry

Do you make your kids say sorry? It’s a question I’ve asked myself countless times during the various shoves, whacks, hair yanks and occasional bites I’ve dealt with over the past few years. When I was growing up, misdemeanours were immediately rectified with a parroted “Sorrrrrrry”, while we glared at each other. More serious misdemeanours […]

In It Together

We exist in a society where women are often presented in extreme contrasts – the Madonna vs whore, high-heeled boardroom dragon vs bedraggled hippy mum, pumped up Jordan vs minimalist Posh. As you begin to get your head around your changing shape,…

But what about meeeeeee?

After such a long break from writing, I thought it would be apt to mention a concept many of us women struggle with – thinking about you. It may seem a funny thing to say with a new little being to think about now, but these early months are the p…