Emma – thank you for doing the hypnobirthing course with us. It has been a really thought provoking process and opened up aspects of birthing I don’t think we’d otherwise have explored. I feel much more at peace about it and like we’ve had the chance to tune into each other….your warmth and skill have made it much easier.

Emma has been a fantastic guide through the world of childbirth and hypnobirthing. Until our sessions I hadn’t really engaged with the idea of birth or having a child and she totally put myself and my husband at ease. She helped me learn how to relax and to focus in a positive way on the birth rather than to just fear it or ignore it.

Emma provided lots of useful materials including scripts which my husband reads through to send me into a relaxed state. She also gave us MP3 versions so that I can listen on my ipod, and take them to hospital with me. The other key technique is creating a ‘one minute video’ in my head which will act as a way to take my mind to a different place during the birth, thereby affecting my physiological state. Positive thoughts/state of mind = less physical tension in muscles = easier birth!

As well as going through relaxation techniques, we addressed the birth process in detail which was of great help, and it was a more personally tailored and useful process than the NCT classes.

Going into the birth with the confidence that we have the tools to understand what’s going on and to deal with it in a calm way is invaluable and will hopefully make it a less daunting experience. The skills we learnt will also be put into practice in a wider context – knowing how to relax and control your thoughts will be a useful skill in a number of areas of life, not just this one off event.


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